Learn the Art of Booty Shorts Styling for Your Next Dance Party

Learn the Art of Booty Shorts Styling for Your Next Dance Party

The rave culture has finally returned! Everyone longed for its return. As a result of the COVID pandemic, everyone was sad when we heard that our favorite events would be postponed or canceled. However, she has returned, sexier and less risky than ever before. You should match her boldness by perhaps adding some tight booty shorts to your ensemble.

Who Can Rock Booty Shorts?

Everyone has the potential to look great in a pair of booty shorts. No longer is it acceptable to assume that only certain body types can successfully wear extremely short garments. All citizens are now legally eligible to purchase them. You should wear booty shorts if you want to, regardless of your body type or gender. Now that we've covered the basics let's talk about how to put together a party outfit based on this item of clothing.

What Type of Booty Shorts to Wear?

Start by settling on a general aesthetic direction before narrowing down specifics like the color palette or preferred material.

The Fit

First is to determine the ideal length and style of these booty shorts. Always opt for high-waisted, but there are also cute hipster options and even booty shorts with suspenders built in. Also, decide how much skin you're comfortable showing. There is a wide range of cheeky and cheekier styles available, so pick one that flatters your rear end.

The Fabric

Some people automatically picture shiny spandex when they hear the term "booty shorts," but that's not the only option. You can go for something glittery or sequined if you prefer to draw attention to yourself. Put on some lovely velvet ones if you like to party in a more refined fashion. Alternately, mesh booty shorts are available for the sexy and audacious shopper.

Color and Patterns

The shorts you wear can add even more color to your wardrobe. To each his own, I say; if you prefer to use primary colors, by all means, do so. Wearing a pair of tie-dye shorts is the perfect way to express your inner hippie. Styles in snakeskin, cheetah, and zebra prints are also available for the more adventurous dresser.

What to Wear Them With

Picking out your shorts for the rave is only the beginning. One must first ask, "Where am I going to wear this?" Are you participating in a virtual rave from the comfort of your own home? What you wear next should be determined by the climate and location.


Should you go with short sleeves or a tank top with spaghetti straps? One way to have greater flow in your look is to wear a long crop top with bell sleeves. A crop top can instantly give you a more laid-back vibe. A halter crop top with crisscross straps is a daring choice that will get people talking at any party.

Tights, Knee-Highs, and Thigh-Highs

It's a great opportunity to flaunt some stylish legwear. You can rock your new booty shorts with a variety of tights, including fishnets, patterned tights, and brightly colored knee-highs. Alternatively, you can combine different elements.


Booty shorts are one of those items that look good with almost anything. They are made to be worn with any and all types of footwear. On the other hand, a simple pair of shorts will highlight a fantastic pair of knee-high platforms.