What are electric hand trucks?

What are electric hand trucks?

There are various sites where machines are required to lift and transport heavy matter. You can use Electric hand trucks on construction sites, industries and factories. They have a rechargeable battery connected to a motor, a pump, an engine, lifting wings, driving wheels, and controller buttons. The electric hand truck's main frame is usually made of strong metal.

Structure and function:

Electric hand trucks have a sturdy metal frame with a plastic surface to give a better shape and appearance. The wings, which lift the heavy load and transfer it from one place to another, are also made of strong, stainless metal. These wings move down to lift the object from the ground and then move up for easy carriage. The driving wheels and handles are essential for efficiently transporting various packages.

A button is present to move the iron wings up and down.


These trucks are made up of different metals and batteries, and their price differs accordingly. Some trucks are foldable and easily portable. They may be two, three, or four-wheeled; you can choose them according to your need. Manufacturing companies offer electric trucks of different colors, i.e., yellow, silver, black, orange, etc. This may help in differentiating the machines of other departments in the industry.

Rechargeable battery:

These trucks have rechargeable batteries to move the wings to lift the load. Charging the battery in the work gaps is necessary to maintain its performance. Otherwise, the battery may drop during work.

Manufacturers use Flooded wet cells and valve-regulated lead acid batteries in electric hand trucks. These batteries can serve your purpose for 1-5 years and are replaceable. DC motors are also used in some electric trucks to supply energy for work.


These trucks have reduced human labor and saved time and energy. These machines work efficiently and help in a lot of work in factories. You can lift heavy boxes, raw materials, and other stuff through hand trucks in the factory area. This avoids accidents as laborers can control them with their hands.

These electric hand trucks are available in different sizes. You can choose any size according to your need in your industry. If you purchase trucks in bulk, you can take advantage of discounts and other offers.


Electric hand trucks are durable and sustainable. They are made of stainless steel, aluminum, or carbon steel, providing maximum strength and rigidity. They avoid rust and corrosion when the metal exposes to moisture or other such conditions. The average expected life of hand trucks is seven years.

Are electric hand trucks expensive?

Hand trucks driven by electricity and battery are more expensive than other hand trucks. The battery used in this machinery is a bit costly and requires regular charging and maintenance. Customized trucks also have high prices due to their additional efficient features.

You can purchase electric trucks online by visiting particular websites. Various companies have web pages to contact their customers online regarding their products. Thus, companies provide exceptional products and services to their customers.